Hasanuddin University Hospital is a hospital located in Makassar South Sulawesi, a hospital under the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Historically the Hasanuddin University Hospital, is inseparable from the history of the Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University as are two institutions that complement each other

Gedung A (Eye Centre)
Gedung EF (Cancer Centre)
Gedung BC (Research Centre)

Kesan & Komentar Pasien:
  • Biaya pengobatan di RS Unhas Makassar relative murah, Pengawasan yang ketat dari para petugas keamanan tentang jadwal kunjungan saya nilai baik, karena hal ini sangat menolong bagi ketenangan pasien fasilitas cukup lengkap.–Keluarga Pasien

  • Love flower, love gardening. Love what you grow, and what you love will grow.–Abdi Putra

  • We are so AMAZED by the exceptional skills and professionalism Unhas Hospital. Their excellent support, fast response and vision into Health is top notch! We love Services and we’re so happy with the incredible assistance we’ve received from Unhas Hospital! Keep up the great work !! And Thank you!–Jhon Doe